Cougar Launch High-End GX V3 Gamer Series Power Supplies

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Cougar have just unveiled their latest power supply range, the GX V3. It’s actually a reworking of their popular GX series, but it’s been given an extra boost to make it even more popular with gamers who demand high-end performance. The design has been tweaked too, finished in a rugged black coating and a gold vent grill to give it a loud an aggressive appearance. As a nice bonus, the new design is actually shorter too, needing just 160mm of space to install, down from the 180mm space of the previous models, so this certainly great news for those cramming PSU’s into mini-ITX chassis, where space is everything. Thankfully, smaller doesn’t have to mean less powerful and the GX V3 will be the smallest of compact 1050W products on the market, a major technological breakthrough.

The Cougar GX V3 PSUs are fully compliant with the 80-PLUS Gold efficiency requirement, with a peak efficiency of (up to) 93%. These high-end PSUs are designed for enthusiast gamers, where extreme efficiency and high end power over long periods of time are vital to getting the most out of your CPU and GPU, or in fact every single component in your rig.

GX series power supplies also come fitted with an ultra quiet fan, modular cable management and flat cables to keep things neat and tidy, while maximizing airflow. On the interior you’ll find that the GX V3 uses high quality 105c Japanese Capacitors, which are cooled by the built in, low-noise, 140mm fan.

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“Many people and organizations have the computers running 24/7 whether it is for remote access or cloud-computing requirements. Cougar has continued to address the growing need for super-efficient power supplies with the ECO-friendly power supply designs with 3 variations of the GX V3 at 600, 800 and 1050 watts.” Said Cougar in their latest press release. “The COUGAR GX V3 PSU was designed from the ground up to achieve high efficiency in its power supply management. With RST (Rapid Switch Technology) and DC to DC technology, which provides the highest efficiency and the most stable performance, along with perfect regulation (Regulation <3%). That, along with the CLC filter design which efficiently suppresses Ripple/Noise to less than 1%, shows how the GX V3 has been improved to increase electric efficiency even further over previous generations.” they added.

The GX V3 series fits in with the latest Eco-Friendly EuP regulation, ErP Lot6 2013. The energy consumption is lower than 0.3W when the PC is in standby mode, which can save quite a bit of energy and money and of course it supports the Energy Star 5.0 rating. The MSRP of the three power level variants are: the at GX1050 $189, the GX800 at $149, and the GX600 at $109.

Thank you Cougar for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Cougar.

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