COUGAR Releases First 80Plus Bronze Digital PSU

/ 3 years ago


COUGAR announced the release of its first 80 PLUS Bronze certified digital power supply unit, the COUGAR CMD Digital Power Supply Unit. The new semi-modular PSU will help to move the usage of digital PSUs into the mainstream instead of staying a niche product for those with very deep pockets; not everyone can afford Platinum certified PSUs.


COUGAR has implemented its newly developed Digital Power technology and integrated it with the COUGAR UIX Device management system. The Digital Power technology brings a broad range of functions to CMD that will assist the user mainly in two areas: the electric supply of the computer and its temperature and cooling. The CMD’s electric supply-related functions include monitoring of the PSU’s electric input and output, efficiency, consumption and voltage fine-tuning, providing the user with a high level of control and full information about the energy his system works with.

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The UIX application allows you to easily monitor the temperature of key components within the system as well as an additional point of your choice with the included TSR sensor. The CMD can control two directly controlled fans for additional configurations. As for CMD’s internal fan, its automatic control will adjust the speed to the PSU’s temperature.




COUGAR’s new CMD Digital Power Supply Unit will be available in April 2015, but no word on pricing yet.

Thanks to COUGAR for providing us with this information

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  1. Looks way better then Corsair if your were to ask me.


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