Counter-Strike Fan Re-imagines it as a Fighting Game

/ 5 months ago

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Fan Re-imagines it as a Fighting Game

Counter-Strike is one of the most enduring first-person games in history. Its iconic maps and gameplay is also so ingrained in many gamer’s minds that it is difficult to imagine it in any other way. However, animator Chris Le has re-imagined a world where CS:GO is actually a 2D fighting game ala Street Fighter. It certainly makes the terrorist vs counter-terrorist matches interesting with a life meter on top.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Fan Re-imagines it as a Fighting Game

The short two-minute animation is done very close in the vein of CAPCOM’s flagship fighting game. It even has multiple combos (via guns of course) and special moves in animation form. Flashabangs, grenades, and other weapons are not off limits. It certainly looks great for a simple proof of concept. In fact, maybe some interested modders out there can actually make it a reality. After all, Counter-Strike itself started out as a simple Half-Life mod back in 1999. It eventually graduated away from beta into its own stand-alone title and forever changed history.  Now CS:GO is one of the most popular games in the world. It has also become the de-facto benchmark of a first-person shooter player’s skill. Hopefully a couple of very talented modders see this video and become inspired.

Counter-Strike Fighter Alpha Video

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