Counter-Strike Saves 3 Local Kids In Phillipines

/ 4 years ago

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While many politicians and ‘experts’ will make a conclusion that violent video games promote violence (Ironically, one following such ‘logic’ isn’t pointing fingers towards Hollywood Action Movies), at the very same time, whatever one may think about action/ violent games, it saved the lives of 3 children who were playing with grenades unaware of what it was if it wasn’t for another kid who had seen the game of Counter-Strike.

Three children were found playing with live grenades in Barangay Looc, Manduae City located in the Phillipines. Police immediately rushed to recover and defuse those grenades that were found in a vacant lot of a scrap yard.

Credits to a 12-year-old Jose Darwin Garciano who warned his friends not to play with it as the grenades can explode and kill them, just like how it happens in Counter-Strike. To those who don’t know, Counter-Strike is a tactical first person which started as a mod for Half Life where player either play as terrorist or counter-terrorist team with a goal of eliminating eachother.

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The grenades were found by Elmer Rigodo when he heard a crack coming from a biscuit container after they were goofing off with their cartwheel. What’s even more disturbing was that one of the kids, Salili, tried to polish the bronze coloured grenade by rubbing it on the oil. That’s when Garciano saw the grenades and immediately warned his friends.

The hero of the 3 kids said in Filipino,”We got curious as it’s our first time to see what an explosive looks like!” and also said that he knew it would explode as he has seen it in a counter strike game.

Once the kids told to one of the residents, he informed the police who have sent a special weapons and tactics team who then placed a bomb blanket over the grenades. One of the bomb technicians said the children were lucky that the grenades did not explode while they were playing with it.

Source: Cebu Daily News

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  • Tell me how do you “diffuse” a grenade?

    • Joseph White

      Remove the ignition system. Some grenades they just screw out like a bolt, others require a special key. Or you can freeze it with liquid nitrogen.

    • trollbull

      press E

  • autho

    this kid probably not a counter strike player but rather a special force player

  • Bong Boy G-d Remix


  • hari kanduri


  • hari kanduri

    Valve rocks!!!!~~`

  • I suppose CS players also don’t point guns at other people, as they already mentally associate this with killing. I don’t know how many articles about such mishaps I’ve read, but I doubt even one of these guys was a CS player.

    In other words, games only teach us stuff like weapon safety, instead of promoting violence.

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