Couple Falls Asleep On PlayRoom Stream, Wakes To 240 Viewers & Over 3000 Comments

/ 4 years ago


The PlayStation 4 PlayRoom has been the source of much entertainment, controversy and general randomness since the consoles launch. First we’ve had a man who stripped his wife naked, people holding raffles to give away their PS3 and more recently a gaff from Sony posting a stream to Bang Bros Party on twitter.

More recently is a couple who fell asleep while playing a game, something that spawns a few hundred people to join in and stare at their motionless, snuggled up adventure of nothingness. The unsuspecting woke up to find they’ve been an internet sensation, with over 3000 messages left for them to pick through when they’re a little more rested.

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What’s the best thing you’ve seen on The PlayRoom?

Thank you Dualshockers for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Dualshockers.

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7 Responses to “Couple Falls Asleep On PlayRoom Stream, Wakes To 240 Viewers & Over 3000 Comments”
  1. ImUrAssassin says:

    And people were worried about the Kinect watching you. Here PEOPLE can come watch you for free.

    • Theo Rodos says:

      it’s clearly the gamers fault, i mean who uses playroom and falls asleep or starts getting his wife naked? stupid people, why the hell would someone stream this shit unless they are stupid? sony didn’t do this, people chose to stream this on twich, there is difference

      • Ryan Vier says:

        Whoa, slow down there my little sony fan girl.

        • Theo Rodos says:

          hahahh, i don’t even own a console you twat, if you can’t understand what i’m saying it doesn’t mean i’m a fanboy and it’s obvious by your comment who is the fangirl
          let me make it more simple, imagine someone is recording a video in his iphone and then upload it in youtube , it’s his fault not Apple

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