A Cover Design Which Looks To Be The Oldest Superman Cover Sold For $286,800

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Superman has been around since ’30s and has since then been one of the favourite characters which kids looked up to during their childhood. Comics, serials, movies, action figures and more have been released with the character, generating a large profit throughout the years.

It looks like one of the oldest cover design for what may be the oldest comic book cover featuring Superman has recently been auctioned. The auction ended eventually, and seen the item sell for more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Action Comics No. 15, which represents Superman holding up a U.S. Submarine codenamed ‘D-11’ from the bottom of the ocean, sold for $286,800 through Heritage Auctions. It was first valued and listed at a price of $30,000, a design made by Fred Guardineer.

As the reported who firs spotted the auction listing, the price is still less than half of an Amazing Spider-Man cover designed and drawn by Todd McFarlane, which sold for $675,250 as well as the Tintin in America cover by $ 1.6 million, both sold two years ago.

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