Crackdown Developers new game isn’t Crackdown 3

/ 6 years ago

Ruffian Games, the developers of the console Crackdown series, has gained a new contract for a high budget triple A title. While what it will be is unknown, we know it won’t be Crackdown 3, and it will be for all platforms.

Beyond the revolution that the new title will be a multi-platform offering, everyone seems to know that this project is in addition to Crackdown 3 (which is apparently in development). Work on this new title will be done by a second team at the studio as hiring continues for this project.

While the original ads placed by the studio confirmed the new project, they have since been changed to make them more generic as to what these positions will be working on. Expect to hear more on this nearer the E3 period.

Source: Fudzilla


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