Creative is back with brand new sound cards and headphones

/ 6 years ago

After some rough times, Creative seems to have gotten strong enough to rise again with the release of new products that go back to what Creative is all about. For their ‘comeback’ Creative is offering two new sounds card as well as matching pair of headphones, all focusing on the gamers and movie watcher.

The first sound card is a Fatal1ty branded gamer model featuring metal shield with a window and some red LED, it is certain to stand out from the crowd and appeal to gamers. The second card is the base feature card. The HD Audio version on the other hand will have to wait for later.

This card is equipped with a THX hardware accelerated processor as well as voice enhancement (CrystalVoice) and noise reduction technologies. Unlike the 109 dB of the X-Fi Titanium which focuses more on music oriented costumers, the Fatal1ty’s raw signal to noise ratio is 102 dB, which should still produce more than enough for games and movies.

Interestingly, these new cards feature a much higher level of integration in the processor with a lot less ICs and electronic circuitry on the board. While most users may not care, it makes it more interesting to the mainboard vendors for integrating into the top-end board as the sound chip directly on the chipset’s PCIe links.

As previously mentioned, Creative is also preparing matching headphones, once again focused on gaming and video. You’ll find features such as noise cancellation, bass amplification as well as other enhancements proprietary of this marketing range. Unfortunately not much has been said but we’ll let you know more as soon as we can.


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