Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX V2 & DBPRO Review

Packaging & Accessories

The boxes are nicely designed, with a clear photo of the product on the front and the product name clearly on show. The colours are really toned down, it’s all silver and grey, but it does make it look more professional than your typically louder gamer-focused designs.

There’s a quick summary of all those tasty features here too.

Around the back, it’s just a small blurb about the card, translated into five languages. Overall though, it’s a simple enough design.

In the Audigy Fx V2 box, you’ll find the sound card, of course, a shorter rear backplate for low-profile system installations, and a quickstart guide. However, beyond that, it’s all plug and play ready.

The DBPro comes with a similar half-height bracket, as well as a quickstart guide. However, there’s also an interconnect cable to link each card, don’t forget to plug that in, or the DBPro will not work.

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