Creative SoundBlasterX G6 Desktop Amplifier Review


The box for the G6 is pretty compact, but still manages to cram in quite a lot of information on the front of the box. There’s a lovely photo of the product, which shows you as many of the practical buttons and features of the device as possible. There are badges everywhere, showing PS2, Xbox One, Switch, Dolby, and much more.

Around the back, there’s enough information to show you both what and how you can connect to the G6. There’s a little more information on the hardware too.

Even the sides are littered with technical information, but in a way that’s clear to understand. Here we have a little explanation of the dual amplification design.

In the box, you’ll find the amp is wonderfully presented and protected, with soft padding and a felt-like material ensuring it’s scratch free.

Below the amp, you’ll find a pile of documentation, an optical cable, and the USB cable required to power the device, but it’ll also work on devices like your PC via the USB cable also. You may power it from a USB wall socket/phone charger or similar too if using the device via Optical on the Xbox or something similar like the Switch.

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Peter Donnell

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