Creative SXFI AIR C Headset Review

A Closer Look

The included ClearComms microphone is pretty nice, nothing too crazy but about what you would expect for this price range. It has a flexible boom, and it’s detachable, so that’s two thumbs up from me.

The head is slightly enlarged, allowing them to give it a built-in foam layer, which should help with wind noise and popping.

So, onto the star of the show, the Creative SXFI Air C headset. Speaking from my own experience, they look fairly identical to the Creative SXFI Wireless Theater Headphones we reviewed a few weeks back. The main changes being fabric vs leather ear cups, and the lack of wireless technology, although a few other minor changes are there, they do broadly look similar. You’ll find the same is true of the non-C version, which is basically the Bluetooth equipped model. I like seeing that consistency in the range, the price and features vary, but the overall style and construction do not.

These really are a great looking set of headphones though, with a black detail on the side and the SXFI logo. However, the back of the ear cups is pretty bland and featureless. I like this a lot, as many headphone brands are a bit “loud” looking or too “gamer”.

Upon the headband, you’ll find a subtle Creative logo pressed into the headband. There’s a little bit of padding to it to keep you comfortable and distribute what little weight the headphones have; At just 318g, they’re hardly heavy!

You get a lot of thick and very forgiving memory foam with a soft fabric layer on the ear cups too. It’s extremely comfortable, and breathable. However, fabric doesn’t lock in the sound like leather does, but Creative has solved that one too.

The inside ring of the ear cups is synthetic leather, creating a barrier to lock in the sound; the best of both worlds!

For those with larger heads, like, erm, me and my massive noggin, you’ll be glad to know there’s a huge range of extension here. Actually, few headsets fit my big head, and this one would fit a bigger head! On the smallest settings, however, it’ll fit younger users too, which is fantastic.

As you can see the ear cups are pretty deep, allowing them to easily accommodate the powerful drivers, as well as all tax luxurious padding. There’s a little bit of pivot too, as you can see the ear cups themselves are sort of floating over the driver mount. It’s only a small amount of movement, but it’ll help a lot when it comes to wearability.

The left ear cup is littered with controls too. There’s a light on/off button, as the headset does have an RGB ring light on the back of the ear cups. I love that they made it so easy to turn this on/off, as it’s obviously not something you want while sitting on the bus. Next to that, there’s a large jack for the headphone boom.

Moving around, you’ll find the 3.5mm and USB ports. What I love is that they’re removable and standard cables. You could easily substitute your own cables should you lose them, damage them, or have a cool looking one you prefer.

Moving around, you’ll find the SXFI button, the volume control and the microphone mute button.

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