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Creative SXFI Wireless Theater Headphones Review

A Closer Look

While many gaming headsets can look a little “extreme” with their designs, that’s really not the case with the Theater. They chose the product name carefully, showing them more as a “living room” than a “gaming room” product, and I think they look more stylish and toned down as a result; I like that.

The back of the ear cups features a lined decal and Theater logo, nothing too crazy, but I do like the look of it. They’re perfectly rounded at the back too, but the actual ear cup in front of that is a larger oval.


What’s neat is that the larger oval part is mounted with some kind of suspension, and moves and flexes a little to provide a more comfortable fit.

On the left ear cup, you’ll find all of your major controls. The most important being the Super X-Fi button. There’s no need to turn it off beyond reminding yourself how standard audio compares to Super X-Fi. Speaking from past SXFI headsets though, you’ll never want to turn it off.

Below that, you’ll find a master volume jog wheel, nice and easy. Plus, there’s a microphone mute button below that.


Towards the bottom, there are three ports, one for the 3.5mm connection should you need a backup, USB Type C connectivity and charging, and the microphone connection.

Finally, there’s also a master power button, although the headset does fall asleep after about 20 minutes if not in use.

Comfortable Padding

The ear cups are closed back and you get a PU Leather ear cup padding with really deep cushions. That is designed to really lock in the sound and block out ambient noise. The benefits are a tighter low-end sound from the drivers, and the ability to turn them out louder before anyone around you can hear them.

You get that same leather finish on the headband too. Plus, these lovely chrome details and a steel inner headband size adjustment.

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Peter Donnell

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