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Creative SXFI Wireless Theater Headphones Review


The Creative Super X-FI technology is something I’m very fond of, that’s no secret. Actually, I don’t know anyone in the tech industry and from other review websites that have tried SXFI and given it up, we’re all still rocking it, and that should tell you something about the quality of the sound.

However, with that in mind, I have yet to hear a set of consumer headphones as good as the Theater. Ever. Albeit, I’m not including lofty sell-a-kidney hand-crafted mega headphones from audiophile brands, they’re doing their own thing… but I’d still rather have the SXFI Theater. Headphones at this price range often sound great, but not this great.


What matters is SXFI processing. You take photos of your ears and head shape on the app, and that generates a sound profile. This means that sound is tuned to the unique way your ears process the direction of the sound, and as such your brain things the sound is coming from in front of your, around you, etc. This isn’t virtual surround sound, this is Audio Holography and it’s something that has to be heard to be believed.

When it comes to watching movies, listening to music and playing games, I use the Theater every time. I’ve been using them for about a month now, and expect I’ll be using them for many more. Are they studio accurate? Well, they can be if you want to flatten the EQ, but you won’t. They handle extreme EQ changes well, to the point where it sounds like you’re tinkering with the size and position of your speakers and room rather than the drivers. Crank up the bass, and you’ll think you have a new SVS subwoofer in the room. The low-end womp on these things will rattle your eyeballs, and you’ll still hear the vocal tracks soaring above it; it’s damn impressive stuff.

Movies and Beyond

They may be branded Theater, but honestly, I spend more time listening to music and playing games on these than anything else. As a wireless gaming headset, it’s brilliant. The included microphone is fantastic for team chat and calls, the wireless is flawless and lag-free, and they’re extremely comfortable to wear all day and night.

30 hours battery life is insane, and I’ve been cranking these headphones daily and still charge about once a week. With Type-C, they tend to charge super quickly too, and I’ve even charged them off of a USB power bank while gaming.


But home Theater? Yes and no, unless you’re playing off a compatible device, you can’t just plug them into your TV. You can get the Creative TV hub, and hook up four Theater headsets for you and friends, and even use the microphones to chat! That means cinema sound that won’t bother the people next door. Albeit, that product isn’t released just yet, so sit tight.

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Peter Donnell

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