Creator Of VVVVVV And Super Hexagon Makes Flappy Bird Tribute

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It seems that for the past week something to do with Flappy Bird has been in the news. Well here it is again with fellow indie developer Terry Cavanagh making a very similar game to Flappy Bird and he even thanks Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen for the inspiration behind his version of the game inspired by Flappy Bird. But who is Terry Cavanagh and what genre games does he make? Well Mr Cavanagh like to make ridiculously hard and addictive games (kind of sounds like Flappy Bird) and he is most famous for his games VVVVVV and Super Hexagon

With the same kind of addictive game play as Flappy Bird Mr Cavanagh’s flash game titled Maverick: A Flappy Bird Fan Game is incredibly similar to the short-lived Flappy Bird game. However instead of controlling a bird the player controls a small almost diamond-shaped character and instead of tapping to fly the player simply pushes the up and down key to control the movement through out the game. Just like the game that its modeled off Maverick: A Flappy Bird Fan Game is incredibly hard and yet somewhat addictive and hard to put down, but for anyone who has played Mr Cavanagh’s games before it seems to have the same feeling as playing Flappy Bird but mixed with Mr Cavanagh’s style.

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Mr Cavanagh goes onto write that he looks forward to Mr Nguyen’s next game he makes once things settle down a bit for him and that should be sometime in the future with Nguyen maintaining that he’ll return to game developing at some point.

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