Crucial introduces the ultra-slim m4 SSD

/ 6 years ago

After the success of the m4 SSD, Crucial has decided to start with a smaller version in order to provide thinner products with the ultra-slim, 7 mm m4 SSD.

Providing the same performances as its award-winning bigger brother, the 7 mm m4 is available in a wide range of capacities, starting from the 64 GB, and reaching up to 512 GB.

This SSD, created thanks to the manufacturing capability of Micron Technology, is built to provide major convenience  for notebooks and other small devices, but can do just the same for desktops and workstations alike.

Improving boot-up and application load times, enhancing computing efficiency, offering a light weight yet shock resistant construction, it will also improve in power consumptions. In addition to all the features already found on SSDs, the 7 mm provides the thickness and weight needed for ultra-light notebooks and ultrabooks alike.

“The demand for thinner, lighter, and lower-cost laptops continues to grow, and many users are demanding reliable storage solutions that offer high performance in these increasingly smaller form factors,” said Robert Wheadon, worldwide senior product manager, Crucial. “The 7 mm Crucial m4 SSD provides exceptional performance in a super-thin form factor, is extensively tested in-house, and is the newest offering in our award-winning SSD portfolio.”

Including a three-year warranty, the 7 mm Crucial m4 SSD is available now for the following prices:

  • 64GB at $118.99
  • 128GB at $209.99
  • 256GB at $410.99
  • 512GB at $794.99


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