Crucial Launches 14,500 MB/s T705 Gen 5 SSD With Capacity Up To 4TB

SSD’s, like most other tech, is getting faster and faster, so fast in fact that it’s outpaced its usefulness at least for the average user. However if you are someone who dabbles in a fast paced workflow and regularly needs to transfer big files, then Crucial’s new T705 SSD which boasts speeds of up to 14,500 MB/s, might just be for you.

Crucial T705 Gen 5 SSD

The new T705 SSD has been launched and truly pushes PCIe Gen 5 into its upper limits allowing for lightning-fast sequential reads and writes of up to 14,500 MB/s and 12,700 MB/s and up to 1550K/1800K IOPS random reads/writes. This enables professionals in video editing, 3D rendering and other heavy workload tasks to complete those tasks significantly faster. Of course with Microsoft Direct Storage, there are some benefits for gamers, yet at the moment there isn’t much need to shell out for Gen 5 in that regard.

With high speeds also comes high temperatures and high amounts of aluminium and copper heatsink. The optional heatsink included with the SSD features a premium black design with the crucial logo and SSD naming, it also cools passively so there won’t be any noisy little fans to ruin your system. On top of this there will be a limited edition white heatsink available to meet the growing trend of having an all-white system.

Where Can I Learn More?

Crucial T705 SSDs will be available in capacities up to 4TB and the the limited-edition white heatsink version will only be available in 2TB capacities. The SSDs will be available on March 12, 2024 through select e-tailers, retailers and global channel partners, but can be pre-ordered from, and they are not cheap.


  • T705 1TB – £249.59
  • T705 2TB – £460.79
  • T705 4TB – £729.59
  • T705 1TB Heatsink – £287.99
  • T705 2TB Heatsink – £508.79
  • T705 2TB Heatsink Limited Edition – £556.79
  • T705 4TB Heatsink – £767.99
Jakob Aylesbury

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