Crucial RealSSD M4 128GB Solid State Drive Review

/ 6 years ago

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Solid State Drives come in a variety of sizes and from a plethora of manufacturer’s but when we focus on what the consumer actually needs, it’s all quite simple. They are after a SSD that is quick, cost effective and has the capacity that they need. For the mass market, 240GB upwards is still overkill, and the 60-96GB market isn’t quite large enough, so for a company to offer 128GB capacities can only mean good things, as it offers an ample amount of space for your operating system and in most cases, for your favourite games.

Now we’ve seen an array of SSDs from the likes of OCZ and Patriot to name a few, but today we had the M4 from Crucial land at our desk. Being something new for us always gets us excited, especially when it’s an SSD and it’s from the likes of Crucial. We say this, because as we know, Crucial were one of the first to jump onto the SATA III interface with the C300 range of SSDs, even if the technology to support it wasn’t quite there yet.

These days, we’re seeing SATA III based SSDs everywhere, from a variety of brands including some lesser known names, but it all adds into the competition and if you can offer something unique or better whilst remaining cost effective, then you can’t lose, right?

Crucial believe that they have the complete package with the M4 and with their trusted branding and reputation behind them, we can only hold high hopes for this particular SSD, so lets see what it can do as we take a closer look.

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