CryEngine Now Available To Everyone With Monthly Subscription

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CryTek is apparently looking to take the same approach as Epic Games did this year, making their Unreal Engine 4 available on the market to everyone from casual game developers to professionals with an affordable monthly subscription method.

The company is making CryEngine available to anyone willing to register for one of three available subscriptions. The three subscriptions consist of a $9.90 month-to-month model for those who are testing out its features and do not require a monthly work subscription, a $9.00 subscription for a three-month subscription paid upfront, or a $8.30 subscription for professionals and enthusiasts alike who want to sing up for at least a period of six months.

All of the above mentioned subscriptions include full access to the latest CryEngine build, with additional notifications received as soon as new updates are available, in addition to having access to CryEngine-related graphical features and tools. CryEngine will be available via Valve’s Steam platform and the most important news so far is that there is no royalty cut involved, therefore everything earned using CryEngine will go exclusively to the individual or organisation developing the game.

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Having development tools such as Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine is significantly simplifying game development. However, having a tool such as CryEngine will also ensure that everything earned with the game goes solely to the developer, making it one of the best development tools on the market.

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