CRYORIG Unveils Adaptive Form ver4.1 DIY Heatsink Cooling System

CRYORIG is taking cooling seriously and has unveiled their most comprehensive cooling system yet– The CRYORIG Adaptive Form ver4.1 DIY heatsink cooling system. It is the world’s first custom loop heatpipe heatsink cooler and is completely customizable to the user’s content. Each kit includes a Multi-Socket Gate base (MSG Base) which is essentially a block that sits on top of the CPU socket and can support up to to 15 heatpipes plugged into it. Users can plug-in or remove heatpipes easily

Users can customize the amount of heatpipe they want to use (with a maximum length of 3 meters) and can be bent and molded to any angle using the included CRYORIG heatpipe modification tool although any damage incurred while bending the heatpipe is not covered by warranty. Once the heatpipe is bent to the shape needed, users can then attach aluminum fins utilizing a 10mm clamp system.

To get users started, CRYORIG has created some examples that demonstrate the Adaptive Form ver4.1 DIY heatsink system’s versatility. This one is called Project 01: Standard, described as “a run of the mill standard demo of what an average user can do with the Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 cooling system, and the soon to be released GPU accessories. Note how the heatpipes and fins logically fills all gaps within the PC case, totally logical totally glorious, an engineer’s build.”

This one is Project 02: London Eye — This design illustrates a literally out of the box cooling solution. Heatpipes and fins are partially extended beyond the PC case for maximum cool airflow and dust. Round wheel form factor is just for show, the eccentric artist build.

CRYORIG wants users to know that they should not be limited by the case design when crafting their Adaptive Form ver4.1 cooling system. The chassis could be placed on its side so you can do such lovely creations as this Project 03: AscensionThis is the ultimate form of the Adaptive Form ver. 4.1. This is when your PC is no longer a PC, ultimate cooling has caused your PC to ascend into a metallic piece of ship which will carry you to the high heavens of PC gaming and CPU computing Valhalla. The tree shaped form symbolizes your growth as a PC build, reaching out of the case and literally breaking boundaries of thermal dynamics. The only air cooler in the world that it is actually cooler than your room temperature.

The product is set to be released on February 29th, 2018 although users can view the official product page and details of the Adaptive Form ver. 4.1 starting April 1, 2017.

Ron Perillo

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