Crypto-Miners May Already Be Checking the 3060 Ti Out!

Despite the fact that the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 Ti isn’t expected to be launched until December 2nd, we’ve seen more than enough leaks in the last month to know, for a fact, that there are plenty of samples currently out there in the wild. With supply levels for all of Nvidia’s current 30XX GPUs so low, however, and with things not looking much better for AMD’s new Radeon 6000s, it’s no secret that getting hold of any new graphics card is problematic at the moment.

What isn’t helping matters though, is that in the last 12-months, we’ve seen a significant rise in the value of numerous cryptocurrencies, and, put simply, we might be on the verge of another mining boom which will undoubtedly lead to further strain on already amazingly stretched supplies.

Following a report via Videocardz, however, it seems that despite the 3060 Ti not yet being official, industrial-scale miners may already be eying it up as their next ‘go-to’ card!

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Following the online publication of an unbranded 3060 Ti, it seems that one yet undisclosed mining organization (and no, it’s not believed to be just a curious individual) has already begun looking at what this GPU can potentially offer and the results are not promising (for gaming consumers). Rather worryingly, with it being optimized down to around 120w (from the default 200w), and with a fairly decent memory overclock, it can provide a mining performance, with significantly less power draw, comparable to the AMD Radeon 5700.

Put simply, as much as we hate to say it, the 3060 Ti may become the next hugely popular graphics cards for budget-focused industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining.

What Do We Think?

While many doubt that cryptocurrency will ever hit the heights seen in late 2017, personally, I’m not quite so optimistic. Whether you look at Bitcoin or Ethereum, the figures do not lie. Values of both of these ‘coins’ have been steadily increasing over the last 12-months. In fact, the growth is so steady that a repeat of the collapse seen in early 2018 seems exceptionally unlikely.

In other words, industrial-level mining organizations are probably going to be looking to optimize and expand in 2021 and that can only mean one thing if true. Graphics cards are either going to be harder to get, or worse, prices will start climbing even more to reflect this demand! – Put simply, let’s just hope that this does not happen!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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