Crysis 2 multiplayer demo confirmed for PC

/ 7 years ago

Way back in 2007 many people were of the opinion that no real gaming rig was complete without a copy of Crysis – Crytek’s PC exclusive sci-fi FPS. It’s no surprise then that when the multiplayer demo for the eagerly anticipated Crysis 2 was released 3 days ago exclusively for Xbox, many PC users were left feeling bit betrayed and left out.

Fortunately, according to the official Crysis Twitter feed; “At this time, Crytek & EA are glad to confirm that we’ll be releasing a pre-launch Crysis 2 multiplayer demo on PC! Stay tuned for details.” Although a release date for the demo hasn’t been given, with a late March release date for the full game, it’s likely that Crysis fans won’t have too much longer to wait.

If you still feel like you just can’t hold on that long, then maybe you’ like to take a look at the newly released multiplayer trailer for the Xbox 360:


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