Crysis 3 graphics will “melt down PCs” says Crytek

/ 5 years ago

According to the boss of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, Crysis will be returning to its GPU-eating roots with the fourth instalment.

Crysis 3 will be more similar Crysis 1 than Crysis 2 or Warhead in the sense that it will be a graphically demanding game. Crysis 3 will push gaming rigs to their limit like Crysis 1 did, not like Crysis 2 which was a relatively dumbed down version of the CryEngine designed to help Crytek capture some of the console market too.

The “But can it run Crysis?” joke looks set for a resurgence with Crysis 3.

“That joke will be resurrected again with Crysis 3, I’m quite sure about that,” Yerli said during an EA livestream. “There are brutal expectations around the PC version of Crysis 3. So this time we promise to melt down PCs.”

Crytek recently revealed a video showing how Crysis 3 will push the CryEngine to even more visually-impressive heights.


Yerli reiterated that the PC version of Crysis 3 will “look fantastic” despite the compromises inherent in simultaneously developing the game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Crysis 3 launches in February next year.



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  1. Can thank BF3 for this 😉

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