Crysis is being turned into a board game called Crysis Analogue Edition

/ 5 years ago


Yes, this isn’t a mistake – Crysis, the graphically intensive first-person shooter is turning into a board game. When talking about Crysis, I tend to leave out its console-centric sequel, which I’ll reserve judgement until next year when the third game hits.

Until then, we have to report that Crytek is teaming up with board game maker Queen Games to bring us Crysis Analogue Edition. The board game based on the world of Crysis is set to recreate the “intense gameplay and finely-balanced action players have come to expect from the Crysis games’ multiplayer modes.”

Within Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game, players will use the powers of the Nanosuit as they use their playing cards right, gaining the upper hand on their friends. Along the way player will have to “adapt to ever-changing strategic situations, utilize weapons familiar from the videogames and employ tactical teamwork as they enjoy the authentic feel of Crysis combat in board game form.”

Crysis Analogue Edition is set for release in March 2013, just before the release of Crysis 3.

Source: Crytek

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