Crytek Demo E3 Demo “Will Be Really Good”

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Crytek are cooking up something special for E3, but as of yet, we have no idea what it will actually be! It’s no secret that Crytek are working on something, they’re a games developer after all! However, we are eager to find out exactly what their new showpiece will focus on. Will it cater to their F2P projects, something VR related, RYSE 2, Crysis or perhaps something completely new altogether? Personally, I’m hoping for the latter.

With Crytek releasing a preview video of a VR experience about dinosaurs recently, that’s certainly an interesting possibility. Could we see a new IP that features dinosaurs and VR support? I certainly hope so.

All we know for now, is that Crytek are excited about what they have to show and that we will see it at E3, assuming it doesn’t “leak” before the show, much like everything else does these days.

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There is just one more curve ball that Crytek could throw at us at E3. Remember the financial troubles that struck the company? With rumour that Amazon helped foot the bill and keep the company afloat, plus Amazon having a lot of interest in mobile platforms right now, I wouldn’t completely rule out some kind of product in the mobile market, but that of course, is just my personal opinion on the matter based on certain rumours.

Thank you DSO for providing us with this information.

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    NO tux? No bux.

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