Crytek Will Acquire Darksiders Franchise

/ 5 years ago


THQ may have been dead and buried for quite a substantial period of time now but not all of their game titles have been acquired yet. Darksiders remains one of those yet to go under the hammer and Crytek have openly declared that they plan to acquire Vigil’s Darksiders franchise.

In a public interview, Vigil co-founder and Crytek USA’s Ryan Stefanelli openly declared that Crytek would be bidding for the franchise during the auction. Stefanelli clearly expects to win and has stated that his team is excited about the prospect of acquiring this famous title.

The main reason for Crytek’s interest in Darksiders is to do with the fact that many of Crytek’s current employees, including Ryan Stefanelli himself, have worked at Vigil (the creators of Darksiders) in the past. Ryan Stefanelli stated that the team wanted the franchise to be “at home with its creators”.

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Fans who want to see the continuation of Darksiders will surely be delighted with this news because it means it is highly likely the series will continue. It also seems likely that because those who are taking over had a hand in the original creation of the franchise, a similar style of the game that made it famous will continue to be pursued.

What are your thoughts on Crytek taking over the Darksiders franchise? Are you happy the game will continue? Do you think Crytek have what it takes?


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