Crytek’s The Climb VR Game Receives a GDC 2016 Trailer

/ 2 years ago

crytek the climb

Crytek is currently working on a very interesting virtual reality game called The Climb, and just as its name suggests, this game is going to be all about climbing. It might not sound like much at first, but experiencing the unique thrill of mountaineering without any of the risks is probably going to be quite incredible, especially since Crytek’s developers are known for implementing outstanding visuals in their games. The Climb is obviously going to be powered by CRYENGINE, and just in case you’re curious about how it’s going to look, you’ll be glad to know that its developers have recently unveiled a gameplay trailer for GDC 2016.

The trailer shows off the game’s most impressive features, especially its expansive landscapes inspired by the Alps. A beautiful castle, glassy lakes, and snow-capped mountains can also be observed in their entire splendor, and as long as the game doesn’t receive a downgrade before its release, it has a good chance to be able to provide a unique and enjoyable experience. Go ahead and have a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think about Crytek’s The Climb so far. Also, are you looking forward to gaming in VR?

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