Cuba Backs Latin American Asylum Offers

/ 4 years ago


With Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia all offering the infamous NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum, Cuba’s president Raul Castro has said that he supports the decisions of the Latin American government. Cuba also received an asylum request from Edward Snowden but Cuba have yet to speak about it at all.

“We support the sovereign right of Venezuela and all states in the region to grant asylum to those persecuted for their ideals or struggles for democratic rights,” Raul Castro said.

In any case the quickest route to South American countries from Russia’s Sheremetyevo airport is via Cuba. This is a pretty safe option since Cuba is highly unlikely to extradite Snowden to the USA, in fact he might not even need to travel any further after landing in Cuba because many are saying Cuba will almost-definitely grant Snowden asylum.

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Most Western-European nations have already stated that if Snowden’s plane has to land to refuel on their territory then they will arrest him for a U.S extradition after receiving arrest warrants. What’s more we could European nations force the plane to land if it flies through their airspace. Edward Snowden certainly doesn’t have an easy route to safety , wherever that may be.

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