Cyberpower FANG III Black Mamba Gaming PC Competition Winner!

/ 3 years ago


It’s that incredible time of the week once again where we get to pick a lucky winner of yet another competition. This one is certainly a major event for all of us here at eTeknix and for those at CyberPowerUK. We’re giving away one of the most powerful systems ever seen in a competition of this type. I believe it’s actually the most powerful system ever given away in Europe!

The Fang III Black Mamba has enough power to max out any game you can think of and it’s more than capable of pushing UHD resolution, 3D gaming a whole lot more. This is thanks to its mighty specifications; an Intel i7 5930K 6-core CPU, water cooling, an X99 UD4 motherboard,  4 x 1TB Raid 0+1, 512GB SSD and an AMD R9 295X2 graphics card; all of which comes housed in the stunning Cooler Master HAF Stacker chassis.

“Cyberpower are pleased to offer one lucky fan the chance to win the biggest giveaway Cyberpower UK have ever done. The FANG III Black Mamba is a gaming PC colossus and a media streaming server to boot. Play and record your gaming with an AMD XFX R9 295X 8GB GPU and Six cores of CPU power with the all new Intel Core i7 5390K overclocked to 4.3GHZ. This is a must win for any serious gamer.” – CyberPowerUK

Of course, we’d love to give one of these systems to everyone who entered, I’d also love on for myself now that I think about it! However, there can be only one winner.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at CyberPowerUK for providing this system, as well as a big thank you to all our fans who have taken part in the draw. And the winner is…


Congratulations Anthony, I’m sure you’re going to love this new rig! For everyone else who didn’t win, try not to be too jealous and keep in mind that we’re always running a range of new competitions which you can enter here.

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7 Responses to “Cyberpower FANG III Black Mamba Gaming PC Competition Winner!”
  1. Congrats anthony you have a beast now

  2. Mārtiņš Maļinovskis says:

    I hope one day i will win something 😀 Enjoy your gaming experience, Anthony.

  3. Susan s says:

    Congrats m8, enjoy the awesome rig!

  4. Honza Kemr says:

    but i wanted to win! 🙁

    ah well. GZ Anthony.
    I’ll wait for the next one i guess

  5. Gary Heyes says:


  6. Mitch Mitchell says:

    Nice one, Congrats man.

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