CyberPower Go All Out at CES 2020

CyberPower is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to pre-built PCs. However, it looks like they’re set to expand their range quite a lot for 2020 with even more of their own chassis designs, peripherals and much more!

Their new Amethyst Series is where it all begins and they use their own custom case design. Admittedly, this does look a lot like an NZXT H or even the S series of cases, but that’s not a bad thing. There are obviously differences though, such as the way the panel glass is sloped at the bottom and the obviously angled front panel glass.

Take note that not only is this build using a CyberPower case, but also their own branded fans and cooler design too. It’s great to see a brand really embrace a more unified look and it certainly broadens their appeal in my opinion.

If you like the angular look, the new Aluma is even more freaky looking. It looks like much of this is dealt with using vinyl over glass. However, I think it looks really cool. It’s just a bit different to anything else, and I think that works to their advantage.

They certainly know how to build a clean looking system too. Plenty of RGB, custom sleeved cables, AIO cooling; I like this a lot.

Of course, being a system integrator, they had plenty of their builds on show too. Such as the Dynamic PC-008, which features a Lian Li PC case, Intel Core i9-9900K, and EVGA RTX 2080 Super OC for around $2149. Of course, they’re all customisable, and there are nearly endless configurations to pick from, so it’s really about what you want rather than what they sell.

What I didn’t expect to see were peripherals. I’m not sure who’s making them for them, but the designs look pretty fantastic. We’ve got their 01 Headset, which looks pretty cool and is currently on their site for around $70 US.

However, they have some fully mechanical aluminium keyboards, the Skorpion K2) offering full RGB lighting, as well as their own gaming mice. I didn’t get a chance to really dig into these at the show, but they look pretty robust and competitive with what else is on the market today.

The M1 mouse looks pretty neat too, with some slick RGB lighting trim around the top edges.


Remember the Cube? Well it’s certainly one of the more unique cases on the market, given that 1) it’s a cube and 2) it’s mounted at a jaunty angle. Well, now there’s the Cube 2. It’s basically the same idea, but BIGGER!

The bigger design means massively improved cooling support, room for an ATX motherboard, liquid cooling, more fans, a bigger GPU. It looks utterly bonkers standing up on one corner, but again, unique sells and I absolutely love this thing!

Finally, we have the Nox Mini PC. We actually saw this at the Cooler Master suite, but no shock, since they co-designed it and its case. It’s basically an eGPU box with an Intel NUC system inside. The i9-9980HK CPU is paired up with the mighty RTX 2080 Ti, and all powered by the new Cooler Master SFX 850W PSU. Tiny PC, HUGE performance, but what would you expect for $2669!

Finally, we have their new laptop, the Tracer Studio. The ultra-thin and lightweight laptop features a stunning 4K OLED display. However, it’ll also deliver an impressive 100% of the SRGB colour range, as well as ultra-fast performance from the Intel 9th Gen CPU and RTX graphics cards.

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