Cyborg F.L.Y.9 Wireless Flight Stick Xbox 360 Review

/ 5 years ago

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Flying games can be pretty serious business, with plenty to choose on the market for PC gamers, be you a fan of full on simulations or arcade frenzies, the gaming world is crammed full of exciting sky bound entertainment, so its only natural that you would want the ultimate control over your aircraft of choice to give you that extra realism or a competitive edge in your favourite game.

The Xbox 360 is no different these days with plenty of flight games on offer from the ever popular Tom Clancy H.A.W.X series, to more arcade titles like Ace Combat, but there are not many flight sticks available for consoles that are worth a look in, fortunately this is where the Cyborg F.L.Y.9 comes in, a premium quality flight stick for console gaming that should offer a lot more to budding virtual pilots over the standard Xbox 360 analogue controller.

Flight sticks need to be accurate, they need to have the right feel to them and cover all the basics for a variety of games, even more so on consoles, Saitek have been making flight sticks for many years now, which they have expanded upon with their “Cyborg” range, developed to appeal more to the electronic sports and gaming markets, this model is built for the Xbox 360, but the stick is available for PC and PS3 also, meaning that across the various platforms it should be capable of handling everything from PC flight simulations to casual gaming, so lets take a closer look at the box and see just what the F.L.Y.9 has to offer.

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