Daily Forum Activity: What do you think about SOPA? Let us know!

/ 5 years ago

A hot issue of debate among many people recently has been SOPA. It potentially, if used wrongly, threatens the biggest and most used websites like Google, Youtube and Facebook. Yet thousands of media professionals across the world are in favour of it. Support for SOPA is slowing down to a crawl and it doesn’t look like it will make it through congress, but more revisions of the bill are expected so it is certainly far from dead.

What do you think of SOPA? Good thing, bad thing or you don’t really have an opinion? Inspired by the recent shutdown of the website MegaUpload.com some people are sure to have strong opinions! The implications of SOPA are real, so les us know what you think over at the eTeknix forums.

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    SOPA exposed:

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