Dane-Elec My Ditto 1TB NAS Review

/ 5 years ago

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As we have seen over the last few months, the concept of having a NAS in the home is an ever growing occurrence. Their simplicity, ease of use and more so convenience means organising your data – whether it be music, videos, photos, or even various documents – into a space that that is easily accessible from anywhere in the home (or office) is no more of a worry. Typically this is where the line is drawn and without having the knowledge to setup external access or an infrastructure that supports such a hands on approach, getting at your data from anywhere else can be a no-go zone.

The vast majority of NAS options on the market do have the functionality to setup FTP or remote access, but as outlined above this is not going to be easy for a novice user that just wants to plug and go. MyDitto reckon they have created a solution to this conundrum by taking hold of a concept that isn’t new in its own right. By using a simple USB key with an authentication code on it that links solely to one MyDitto device, there is no need to remember FTP details, IP address or logic credentials its as simple as plug and go.

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Dane-Elec, the creators of the MyDitto NAS, are a French based company that have produced computer memory and flash storage for a number of years, and even helped Duracell to develop their line of flash memory cards. The MyDitto storage device is the latest in their line-up of products, so lets see how it compares when marked against the well known brands and also how well the secure password protected keys work out in the field.

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