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Dangerous Driving 2 – A Spiritual Successor to Burnout 3!

I love the Burnout franchise, and what I really mean is that I REALLY LOVE BURNOUT 3 and I guess every other entry in the series was OK, and Burnout Paradise is bloody annoying. Go to hell DJ Atomica. But I digress, as it looks like Three Fields Entertainment are picking up the gauntlet that Burnout 3 threw down.

Dangerous Driving 2 is set to be an open-world style racing game, which I guess is no big surprise. More open roads, more opportunity to rip it up and crash for fun. It’ll feature a dynamic open world, AI opponents, a free drive mode, and some updated crash mechanics to keep your grinning.

Dangerous Driving 2

The game will also see a return to solo and split-screen multiplayer modes, as well as the usual array of online features too.

What’s more, the game is said to be coming to both current-gen and next-gen consoles and hopefully, PC. It’s pegged for a Holiday 2020 release, but as is always the case, that’s subject to change.

Unfortunately, no trailer just yet, but here’s a reminder of what we got from Dangerous Driving (1).

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