Darksiders Game Coming To Linux Platform

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Darksiders was an action game produce by Vigil Games and published by the now-extinct THQ. When THQ was sold off and Vigil Games disbanded the rights to the game were purchased by Nordic Games. Nordic Games have since announced that they are working on a linux port of the game. Darksiders has two parts and if the port to Linux of the first Darksiders is successful Nordic Games are likely to port the second game in the series.

Nordic Games has a separate division which is working on the port of Darksiders to Linux. To help with the process Nordic Games enlisted the help of the original programmer of the Vigil Engine that was used for the game. Darksiders was initially launched on the console platform and brought to the PC at a later date through DX9. The port process to Linux should be fairly straight forward and take advantage of OpenGL programming. Once ported to Linux we are highly likely to see the title be made available for Steam Linux clients where the game will no doubt be discounted and put on sale several times. Darksiders already has controller support and Steam achievements.

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Source: Softpedia

Images courtesy of Vigil Games/THQ

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