Darksiders III Gameplay Footage Shows Combat and Exploration

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DarkSiders III Details and Screenshots Leaked Early

Action-adventure role-playing games with a hack-and-slash element are some of the most engaging games ever made, at least in my humble opinion. It’s hard to pick a favourite between titles such as God of War, Price of Persia, and Darksiders, but if I have to; Darksiders will probably come out on top.

The first two instalments in the series were purely incredible, not just when it comes to graphics and art style, but the story was exciting and tragic at the same time. Sure, the gameplay could have been better, but with the recent reveal of Darksiders III, we’re hoping that Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic will learn from their mistakes and produce something truly groundbreaking.

Darksiders III Story and Protagonist

What we know so far about Darksiders III is that it will feature a brand new protagonist; namely the third Horseman (or Horsewoman) of the Apocalypse – Fury. From what we’ve seen, the character will use a fiery red whip as her primary weapon. However, since she’s also a mage of sorts, she’ll also tap into her spell power to vanquish her enemies. Chronologically, the story goes in parallel with the one in Darksiders II. So, while Death was busy trying to return the Kingdom of Man to the balance, Fury was fulfilling her agenda.

Environments and Exploration

Unlike the previous Darksiders games, the third instalment will have a larger world. The gameplay will also focus quite a bit on exploration, puzzles, and uncovering secrets. During the game’s official reveal, the world was described as an “open-ended, living, free-form planet Earth that is dilapidated by war and decay, and overrun by nature.”

Darksiders III Gameplay Trailer

Reading about what to expect from this upcoming game is informative, but seeing it with your own eyes is preferable. Below you will find the very first gameplay trailer for Darksiders III. It shows off Fury’s basic combat moves, a few regular enemies, the game’s environments, and a surprise at the end.

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