Darksiders Warmastered Edition Brings [email protected] Support – Free For Existing Owners

/ 1 year ago

darksiders warmastered

Remember when we told you that Nordic Games would release a special version of the first Darksiders game? Well, the day has finally come to enjoy a more polished version of this awesome title, and the best news is that those of you who already own the game will be able to receive this upgrade for free. As its name suggests, the Warmastered edition is actually a remastered edition of Darksiders, which means that it supports up to 4K resolutions, and all of its texture resolutions have been doubled. Nordic Games went one step further and re-rendered the cutscenes in higher quality in order to provide a sharper, better-looking experience overall.

Other improvements include better shadows, optimizations for the framerate (60 FPS is now possible to achieve), extra post processing effects, and plenty of new graphics options such as anti-aliasing, texture filtering, post-processing effects, and FOV. The game also supports Steam Controllers natively now, and it even rewards Steam Trading Cards. Even if you don’t own the original Darksiders, you can get it for pennies until December 2, as it is currently 80% off. If you never got around to finishing this game in the first place, now is a perfect opportunity to pick it up. The story alone will make it worth your while.

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