David Cameron Announces Free WiFi Coming to UK Trains in 2017

/ 3 years ago


Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the government is pledging £50 million towards the installation of free WiFi on UK trains by 2017.

He didn’t specify whether this would mean all trains or just some. Many are also suggesting that it may only be onboard trains that currently have WiFi and that the new deal is just to pay the rail companies so it becomes free.

Currently in the UK, WiFi is only found on long distance, inter-city services, such a those provided by Virgin, CrossCountry, First Great Western and East Coast Trains. Those companies operate services in and out of London to all the major UK cities.

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Train WiFi at present in the UK is something many are often disgruntled by. It’s often slow with a number of websites blocked for seemingly no reason. It’s also highly expensive.

Let’s hope this new policy at least fixes that last issue.

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