Day 2 @ Insomnia i46

/ 5 years ago

Welcome to the round up for Insomnia i46 opening ceremony, which took place on the famous main stage, where many of the exhibitors and sponsors for the event hosted competitions, challenges, entertainment and of course gave away massive amounts of free swag to a very eager and swag loving crowd.


Events kicked off real well with the famous Wizzo taking to the stage to set the events off to a good start with what we can expect over the next few days. First up on stage was Scan, followed by PC world who told us all a little about their booths (which we will take a look at later) and of course threw massive amounts for freebies into the crowd.

2k Games took to the stage after that, displaying their upcoming titles Borderlands 2 (which eTeknix will be reviewing very soon) and Xcom Enemy Unknown, 2k kept with the theme and gave away a load of free products and t-shirts for both games as well as showing off their latest trailers for Borderlands 2.

Overclockers took to the stage hosting a fun mini game for the crowd, that involved throwing packets of Harribo sweets into a bucket to win prizes, so nothing too technical there then, as well as throwing out even more free goods to the crowd and promoting their deliver to your desk option that is available for all the gamers here at i46 via their website.

MadCatz had a strong stage presence also, hosting a crazy dancing competition to win some really cool prizes while of having a laugh at how well/bad gamers actually dance.

The antics, games and give-aways continued for an hour and a half seeing InWin, Illiyama, Midland, CMStorm, eSet and Thermaltake taking to the stage one after the other.

Even eTeknix managed to take to the stage, with Andy joining Antec for their giveaways and promotions and Antec didn’t do things by half either, throwing out so many products that it was literally raining down on the crowd which by this point was in a complete frenzy. Even having somewhat of a shouting contest for some fantastic prizes such as their latest PSU.

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