DDR3 Prices Will Hit New 18 Month High, Vendors Raising Contract Prices

/ 3 years ago


DDR3 prices have been on the rise for quite some time and that rising trend is set to continue. Figures quoted by DRAMeXchange show that the average price for 4Gb and 2Gb DDR3 chips have hit 18 month highs after rising nearly 20% in Q2 of 2014 compared to Q1 of 2014. The average price of 4Gb (256MB) DDR3 chips and 2Gb (128MB) DDR3 chips are now $4.25 and $2.35 respectively. The price of 4Gb DDR3 chips is expected to rise as high as $4.60 in the near future as DRAM vendors are raising conract prices by around 10% as of July. Sequential quarterly rises of 5-10% are expected through the remainder of the year so now is the time to start making your DDR3 upgrades before it is too late.

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Remember a price hike of just $0.35 per 4Gb chip means an extra $2.80 of base cost to a 4GB DDR3 module (as a 4GB module needs eight 4Gb chips), then add on the extra costs incurred all along the supply chain and that could easily end up being an extra $4-5. If you’re buying an 8GB kit that’s an extra $8-10, and so on.

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