DDR4 Memory Spotted On Sale In Japan, 16GB Kit For $355

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We know that Intel’s Haswell-E platform will probably be the first platform to deliver mainstream DDR4 memory support. Haswell-E is expected in just under 3 months, on September 14th to be specific, so we should expect to start seeing a lot more DDR4 in the coming months. Over in Japan some DDR4 memory has started to show up already. The brand is SanMax Technologies and two of their kits have been spotted, a 2 x 8GB kit and a 4 x 8GB kit. The 16GB kit is going for 35980 Japanese Yen, which is about $355 while the 32GB kit is going for 69980 Japanese Yen which is about $690. This pricing compares favourably to Micron who recently announced that their 2 x 8GB kit would cost 2777 Yuan, which is $445 dollars.

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The SanMax kits in question ship with DDR4-2133MHz speeds, they use SK Hynix memory chips and have 15-15-15-50 timings with 1.2 volts. For more pictures please check the source link.

Source: Expreview

Image courtesy of Akiba PC

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4 Responses to “DDR4 Memory Spotted On Sale In Japan, 16GB Kit For $355”
  1. mick says:

    Prices are a rip off since DDR 5 are on GPUs. Why don’t they skip DDR 4 and jump straight to DD5 instead of messing everyone around.

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