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Dead Rising 4 Gets Bigger and Badder!

E3 is currently going on and with companies like Microsoft and Sony announcing new consoles we can’t forget all the different games that are also being announced. With the new Legend of Zelda grasping social media’s attention, you may find yourself looking at some of the game reveals, one of which was Dead Rising 4. Dead rising has always been known as a less than serious take on the zombie apocalypse, but this time, they’ve outdone themselves with new weapons and even an exosuit offering players a host of new abilities.

Remember when games were about the gameplay? These days you can watch someone play their game, stream it online or just record it to watch it back later. Dead Rising 4 looks to give you the ability to do something else, with the user able to take selfies in-game, to record the zombie apocalypse in a modern-day tale. Alongside selfies the trailer video shows off a rather shocking axe that seems to have been infused with the power of Thor itself thanks to a nice little thunder display. Further on you can see the main character use everything from a plunger to a firework crossbow that seems to explode into smaller secondary explosions.

Not happy with just selfies and a few new weapons? Demonstrated in the video, you’ll get to enjoy a new exosuit which lets you punch your way through hordes of zombies and cars while giving you access to bigger and more brutish weapons to help deal with zombies and flamethrowing exosuit users alike.

Gareth Andrews

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