Dead Space 3 due for February 2013 release

/ 5 years ago

The survival horror third person shooter game Dead Space 3 has had its release date unveiled at the GamesCom event in Germany.

Dead Space 3 will get a February the 5th 2013 release date in the USA and a European release three days later on February the 8th. Another example of a game company failing consumers by discriminating the sale of the game based on the region you live in, then acting surprised when people from Europe illegally download the game on the 5th, 6th and 7th because they are fed up of waiting.

The February release window was previously teased at the E3 event, but not we have a concrete set of dates. If you haven’t tried Dead Space before, I’d highly recommend giving them a go, luckily for you the Dead Space pack (Dead Space 1 and 2) is available on Steam right now for just £6.24 but the deal only lasts for another 33 hours as of writing so you’ve got to be quick.

Dead Space 3 pits its protagonist, Isaac Clarke, into new territory this time round. Instead of being stuck on scary spaceships, you’ll be exploring frozen planet called Tau Volantis.


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