Dead Space 3 to get Kinect Voice Control

/ 5 years ago

Visceral games announced that their highly anticipated 3rd person shooter Dead Space 3 will feature voice control with XBox 360’s Kinect. The game will use the microphone on the motion sensor camera which will let the players issue simple voice commands.

The feature will be present in both single and co-op mode and the effective usefulness of this feature largely depends on the Kinect’s potential to pick up those commands because if it’s not able to understand or misinterprets the commands, you’re a lot better using the good old fashioned way.

Voice recognition in Microsoft’s XBox Kinect will allow gamers to issue certain commands, of which Mass Effect 3 for the XBox 360 also featured that option and it’s likely that a lot of games will adopt this feature in 2013. Dead Space 3 is made for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and is scheduled for release on 3rd Feb, 2013 in North America and 8th Feb, 2013 in Europe.

Source: VR-Zone 

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