Deal of the day – Intel Core i7 2600K Unlocked Combo – £515.99

/ 6 years ago

Kicking off with another deal of the day we find a complete Intel Core i7 2600K Unlocked Combo featuring the latest Asus Z68 motherboard, Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB drive and 4GB Corsair XMS3 Classic memoryall inside a bright and bold Xclio A380 chassis for an amazing price.

It is worth noting that the bundle does not come pre-asembled but comes supplied as individual components, though pre-built bundles and systems are available to suit all budgets.

You can buy the bundle directly from Scan for £515.99 including VAT


3 Responses to “Deal of the day – Intel Core i7 2600K Unlocked Combo – £515.99”
  1. Zetsumei says:

    this does't include a Graphics card.

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