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Death Stranding is Confirmed for a PC Release

Death Stranding is due for release on the PS4 in a little over a week and it’s hard to argue that it represents one of the most anticipated gaming releases remaining in 2019 and a definite potential contender for game of the year.

With it being exclusive to the PlayStation platform, however, many have wondered (or indeed hoped) whether it would be coming to other formats. We did, however, get a major clue a little over a month ago when the game was (very quietly) removed from a list of PS4 exclusives provided by Sony.

Well, following a Twitter post from Hideo Kojima himself, we finally know for sure now. While Death Stranding is still releasing for the PS4 next week, it will also get a PC release in mid-2020! Huzzah!

Death Stranding is Confirmed for PC

As a primary PC gamer myself, I have to say that I’m absolutely delighted with the news. It did, however, seem likely that such an announcement was on the cards. For it to actually be confirmed now (and this early), however, is great! Albeit, I didn’t expect it myself until after the PS4 launch.

As we can see in the trailer though, the game promises to have some amazing visuals. How much further they could be pushed through the PC platform is, therefore, more than a little exciting!

When is it Out?

The PS4 release of Death Stranding is set for November 8th. In regards to the PC release, as you can see in the Twitter post, it is limited to an early 2020 timeslot. Despite the vagueness of it, however, I’m certainly not complaining! The only problem is that this announcement is probably going to make me hold off on getting it now until the PC game lands. I think I can wait though… just!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Death Stranding? Which version are you planning on getting? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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