Decline in PC Infections since Windows Update

/ 6 years ago

The process “Autorun” essentially starts programs automatically without asking for user permission and was exploited by virus and malware writers. It was used more commonly on removable media and storage as a way of spreading infections, for example running off a USB pendrive.

Back in February of this year Microsoft updated all Windows XP SP3 and Vista Operating systems with a new fix that would eliminate the auto run process. Note windows XP SP1 and SP2 did not recieve this update since they are not officially supported by windows updates anymore.

From the table below you can see that the update has had a significant impact on infection rates. Infection rates are down by over 50% in all of the updated operating systems. Note there is little change in Windows 7 since it had already had this issue corrected when it was first released.

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  • Eternalchaos

    It could be that all the hackers are bored with windows and decided to attack the fools which are MAC owners :$

  • Si KeVin

    That's what i thought as well. 😀

  • Dean Oldfield

    I think people are getting more clued up on how to use systems as time goes on, good to hear though 🙂