DeepCool AK620 WH High-Performance Air CPU Cooler Review

A Closer Look

Out of the box, the DeepCool AK620 WH presents itself well with the sleek white aesthetic really grabbing your attention. As noted earlier, this is a high-performance air cooler, and, as such, it is a little on the bulky side. I do think though that this has managed to strike an excellent balance of providing enough volume for heat dissipation without hitting the pitfall of just looking monstrously huge!

As with all CPU coolers though, there are clearly a lot of individual elements that go into the overall design. Before we get onto testing this, therefore, let’s take a closer look at some of the components on both a practical and aesthetic level.

Contact Plate

The contact plate is fantastically large meaning that this should provide excellent coverage for all supported CPU socket types including the, now only relatively new I guess, Intel LGA1700. Featuring what appears to be a supremely polished nickel surface, this should provide an excellent contact point for heat dissipation.

In something that does seem to bolster the credentials of the DeepCool AK620 WH being a high-performance CPU cooler, there are 6 heat pipes leading away from each side of the contact plate. Maintaining the white aesthetic, this is an exceptionally nice touch as on a cheaper product, the manufacturer would’ve undoubtedly have kept these as a more visually challenging exposed copper.

It’s a small touch, but this does seem to strongly suggest that DeepCool has really pushed the boat out here in terms of presentation.


With the radiator predominantly being the bulkiest aspect of practically any air cooler’s design, DeepCool has definitely made some excellent effects with the AK620 WH to make this as visually appealing as possible.The most notable aspect of this is undoubtedly seen in the top ‘exposed’ section.

Featuring a white capping plate, this contrasts excellently with the subtle silver highlights to the edge to give a really nice level of presentation. Featuring DeepCool’s (relatively) new logo to each radiator stack as well, for initial impressions, and particularly so for the part that’s going to be most visually notable when installed, DeepCool has really done an excellent job here!

With each radiator stack standing at about 110mm tall and circa 38mm thick, RAM compatibility shouldn’t represent any issues here unless you have some incredibly tall modules.

In a really nice visual touch as well, the radiator fins have been set to a pattern to somewhat emulate the DeepCool logo. It might, on the surface, seem like a really minor thing to do, but in terms of visual aesthetics, this looks absolutely fantastic and again seems to add to DeepCool really wanting to marry a strong presentation with the cooler’s strong performance!

Coming with plenty of fins, the gaps are still nice and large allowing for good levels of airflow without the need for too much pressure (and by proxy speed) from the fans. While this might potentially be a little more problematic for overclocking efforts, this does seem to suggest that under ‘standard’ CPU performance (both load and idle) this should give low CPU temperatures with low acoustic noise from the fans.


As this is a twin-stack radiator, it should clearly come as no surprise to find that you are provided with 2 cooling fans. Carrying on the while aesthetic of the overall design, in truth, other than the colour, there isn’t anything particularly special seemingly going on here. We will note though that the corner anti-vibration padding is nice and thick which should help keep the acoustic levels low while not compromising overly on the static pressure.

We can confirm that the fans are both designed and manufactured by DeepCool which is a factor that always gives us some encouragement. It clearly suggests that they have been specifically created, or chosen, to work as best as possible with the CPU cooler rather than the ‘mixed bag’ you can often see with generic (and usually incredibly cheap) third-party alternatives.


The DeepCool AK620 WH has clearly attempted the difficult task of making a high-performance CPU cooler actually look good. And it is a difficult task considering that many consumers would consider this an impossibility. Overall though, I’m exceptionally impressed with the AK620 WH. Not only does it look really nice slick and clean with its white aesthetic, but DeepCool has clearly made a lot of effort with the design to ensure that not only isn’t the aesthetic compromised in any way but that the build quality should translate into some excellent test results.

Before we get onto the testing though, big air coolers can often be a challenging installation experience. So let’s see how easy (or hard) this is to fit onto our test bench!

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Mike Sanders

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