Deepcool announces their latest high-end VGA cooler

/ 6 years ago

Recently announced, Deepcool’s new high-end VGA cooler is placed under the Gamer Storm series and is named after a famous vampire: Dracula.

Although you may have guessed it, no blood is involved, it’s more an allusion to sucking the heat, which may go well with the most famous vampire (no, not Edward) to suck out the heat from the hungriest and hottest GPUs.

Equipped with a copper base, the two large heatsinks are connected with no less than twelve heatpipes, all L-shaped. You can mount a staggering three 140mm fans or four 120mm, all mounting hardware included with the cooler. All this cooling power to allow for effective ‘heat sucking’.

The support list is rather long, with nVidia’s GTX 580, 570, 560, 480, 470 and 460 and AMD’s HD 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 5770, 5670, 4870 and 4850. Plenty to go around.

No shipping date and price have been revealed yet.


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