DeepCool CH510 Digital Mesh PC Case Review


The left side panel is held shut by two strong magnets at the top edge, while the bottom edge has a lip that it sits in, so you can simply pull it open like this. It’s like opening a sunroof on a hot day!

The glass lifts out of the way easily enough too, no tools are required. With it out of the way, you can see it’s quite a spacious interior. Sorry about the light bloom, but the dark matte paint and its texture on this case just soak up light, it’s pretty stealthy, so I had to crank the spotlight in the room.

There’s a full-length PSU shroud built-in, with a square mesh cut into it to prevent any hot pockets of air from building up under it, as well as a large cut-away at the front, allowing you to use the full height of the front panel for larger radiators.

There are some lovely flush-mounted cable grommets built in too, which will help keep the cable routing looking neat and tidy.

There are no front fans in this case, which suits me nicely, as I often use my own aftermarket fans anyway. Plus, if you’re sticking a radiator up front, it’ll likely come with its own fans anyway.

The front panel has a large mesh on the interior, so airflow will be kept nice and clean. There’s also an adjustable GPU support arm fitted in here to prevent sag. There’s also a second rail closer to the front of the case, so you can move the anti-sag bar should you have an extra-long GPU.

There’s a single fan included in this case, mounted as the rear exhaust. It’s a really nice looking fan too, and one of DeepCool’s own designs.

All of the expansion slot screws are located on the interior of the case rather ran the rear, and all the slots are fitted with metal ventilated covers that are reusable, not those nasty snap-off ones.

Behind the motherboard, there’s a huge amount of space for cable routing. Of course, there’s space under the PSU shroud too, so plenty of room to lazily cram cables out of sight.

There’s an HDD cage in the bottom of the case, which can be moved towards the front for more PSU room or removed entirely should you wish to use this space for cables, a pump or anything else really. There are also two SSD mounts directly behind the motherboard for additional storage needs.

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