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Computex 2024:

We’re big fans of DeepCool here at eTeknix, and it’s easy to see why when you read my DeepCool Factory Tour feature I published this week! They’re not only the biggest in China, they’re also one of the best in the world at what they do.

First up, they’ve got some new cases hitting the market, starting with the CH160 Mesh Series, designed to be light, portable and practical, but also very stylish and customisable. It comes with a removable handle that can be placed on the top, making it LAN friendly, and supports both horizontal and vertical orientations, with an optional base stand for vertical configurations.

It features a high airflow mesh design, ensuring your high-end GPU and CPU can get all the airflow they need.

However, it can be customised, as you can buy additional mesh or glass panels to suit your build requirements.

This means you can go for more aesthetics with the glass, or for higher end hardware or compact work systems, airflow focused mesh panels.

Next up is the CH170 Digital Series, a case that’s very similar to the CH160 but it’s larger, allowing for bigger and more powerful hardware, but with less portability as the trade-off.

This one also comes with a cool digital display on the side, allowing you to see performance statistics, temperatures, fan RPM and more.

Both the CH160 and CH170 are available in black or white, and support the little rubber pegs on the panels to allow some rather unique customisation, such as you’ll see on the CH560R case below.

The base unit isn’t removable on this one, but it does act as a cable hide, as the I/O is on the bottom of the case, and cables pass-through the 5.25″ looking cut-out at the rear of the case; simple, but clever.

The CH560R is bigger still, and it’s a more traditional mid-tower form factor, but features the BTF motherboards for hidden cable management, but also traditional motherboard designs too.

These rear connector motherboards and hidden power connector graphics cards are rapidly becoming more common, and I suspect we’ll see it become a majority design in the next year or two.

Next up, we have coolers, and while we saw some of these earlier this year as prototypes, they’re now ready for the wider world. There’s the Mystique ARGB, which features their award winning pump and radiator designs, but also a customisable 2.8″ screen on the pump, which is becoming more common, but I do love how they’ve integrated this design into their 5th generation pump.

The screen is bright, detailed, and has good contrast and refresh rate, which stands out as a lot of cheaper brands are dumping cheaper screen into their coolers and calling it a day, but this looks and feels more premium.

For those wanting customisation that’s both simpler, more affordable and much cuter, there’s this pixel display that can be animated with scrolling text, emojis and logos, isn’t it neat!

Their air coolers are some of the best in the world, and the new Assassin IV VC Vision takes the best air cooler on the market and gives it a hefty upgrade, with a new vapor chamber design for improved heat transfer, meaning it can now cool up to 300W!

However, it’s also got a new top panel, featuring a built-in digital display, which we’re seeing on quite a lot of the DeepCool product range right now.

The Assassin IV was already truly incredible, but with these upgrades, I can’t wait to see how much better it really is!

The AK400 and AK620 have also been upgraded with their new digital design and is available as a slimmer and thicker tower design to suit your needs and budget.

I love that magnetic top cover too, it really cleans up the design of the dual tower coolers.

Finally, we have the AN400, which may be small, but it features their latest 3-phase, 6-slot, 4-pole motor, which is more powerful and precise than anything they’ve done before, but also significantly quieter too. The cooler is available in chrome or black, and while small, it promises to be pretty potent, and again, I can’t wait to get one in for review!

Plus, these new motors have a tasteful white LED light in them and a clear cover, making them look like Iron Mans Arc Reactor, and I love it.


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